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The best, funniest, and most worthy to be watched show EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on episodes of south park:
Ex #1

Mr. Garrison:ok class wats 5x2.......come on dont be shy clyde
Clyde: 12
Mr.Garrison: ok how bout someone whos not a complete retard ...kyle
Kyle:i think i no the answer mr. garrison
Kyle: shut up fat boy
Cartman: dont call me fat u f****** jew
Mr. garrison: eric did u just say the f word
Cartman: wat? jew?
Kyle:no hes talking about f*** u cant say f*** in school f****** fat a**
Mr. Garrison: KYLE!
Cartman: y the f*** not
Mr. Garrison: ERIC!
Stan: dude u just said f*** again
Mr. Garrison: STANLEY!
Kenny: f***
Mr. Garrison: KENNY!
Cartman: wats the big deal it doesnt hurt anybody f*** f****** f**
Mr.Garrison: how would u like to go see the school counsler
Cartman: how would u like to suck my balls
Mr.Garrison: wat did u say!!!
Cartman: im sorry im sorry actually wat i said was *gets loudspeaker* how would u like to suck my balls mr. garrison
Stan: holy sh** dude
Ex #2
kitty: meow
cartman:no kitty thiz iz my pot pie
kitty: meow
cartman: no kittys a bad kitty thiz iz my pot pie
kitty: hsss
cartman: mom kittys bein a dildo

cartmans mom: then i no a certain kitty kitty thats sleeping with mommy tonite
cartman: .....wat???
by xXtwilightXx December 27, 2009

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