1 definition by xXcoreXx-the-emoest-of-them-all-xXcoreXx

Oh gosh, where to begin.

Emos say that emo isn't what we all know it means.

Emo may have at one point, been emotive hard core, but since language evolves with the times, emo has come to mean a bunch of people who are antidisestablishmentarians, but in doing so, simply give in to the zeitgeist by becoming one with it. Please make a note of it.
I'm Emo, but I don't wear black. Gosh, don't generalize me. Ooh! Hot Topic has new Tim Burton stuff, I gotta get there so that all of my friends will think I'm SOO xXcoreXx. Well, tata my lovelies, I need to go write a poem in free verse.

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