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A gay little kid with the worst TV show on earth. It's really not educational. I mean... Blue's Clues is more educational than that and it's got talking shovels. Dora is enimies with a fox named Swiper. Swiper, at some point in the show, comes and steals something that is LEAST valuable to Dora, or something that she can regain within 5 minutes. But anyway, she goes after Swiper (if he even accomplishes actually stealing something). Or, if her item is "valuable", she says "Swiper no swiping!" or something related to that, and sticks out her hand like a little homosexual. And she's got herself a little companion whose name is Boots, a monkey who wears red boots. OOH! That is so creative that I cannot handle it *sarcastically*! And he complains about mostly everything throughout the whole 30 minutes. She also carries a backpack and a map, and yes, these items... talk. The map only shows 3 places which is so helpful (not). And last of all, she asks you questions that have obvious answers. For example, she will ask you "Where is my sock?" Then, the camera will zoom in on her sock lying there, two inches away from her, and draw your attention to it by making 17 billion arrows point at it. And don't be surprised cause they will fit ALL of them on the screen.
Summary: Dora the Explorer is a gay homo who is also very stupid, with talking animals and objects and she goes places using her map. Soon she runs into Swiper the Fox or she has a problem that needs to be solved using the items in her backpack, which we all know Swiper tries to steal.
by xXaeropostaleXx January 28, 2008
what you are when you can overcome someone or something
Ex. 1) "I am your master now, Marcus, so listen to me. LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Ex. 2) "I am the master at solving a rubik's cube. Can you solve it? NO! Hahahaha!"
by xXaErOpOsTaLeXx January 04, 2008
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