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1 definition by xXSnakeFistXx2

Fallout: New Vegas is a Role-Playing game developed by Bestheda Softworks. This game teaches you that taking burned books and pressure cookers will help you survive after a nuclear explosion and is very similar to Anne Hathaway's role in The Devil Wears Prada because you're constantly running stupid errands for stupid people.

It's 75% of the time annoying gameplay consists of running in fucked up zig zags across the Mojave Wasteland completing idiotic quests for 1 of the 3 more powerful groups of people, which results in the other two hating you for no reason. The limit for inventory items is 200, and what Bestheda didn't realize is that it takes more than 200 items to survive 2 seconds without being attacked by a group of unrealistically large scorpions when going to an undiscovered area.

This difficulty causes the player to take everything in their path, which will then cause the player to not only become "overencumbered" with in-game objects, but the several stupid quests that pop up when you're trying to complete just one.

Fallout: New Vegas is so annoying that it provokes the player to keep playing until they've finished it. However, it is actually quite a good game.
Player 1: Hey Come Play GTA With Us.
Player 2: Okay, I'll Play After This Quest.


Player 1: Are You Gonna Play GTA?
Player 2: I'm Playing Fallout: New Vegas. I'll Play After This Quest.
by xXSnakeFistXx2 November 08, 2010
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