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An artist who has a different perspective than others on multiple things, she gets along with most everyone and does not openly judge. She has a general humor and is good at understanding you, usually making her the neutral friend in fights. Although she is friendly, she is also stubborn at times, aggressive, strong-willed, and very loyal to what she believes in. She most likely has a mental illness or slight insanity, but hides things from others and remains independant. She is a creative and good liar/actor. Randylin makes a great listener, but does not know how to heal a broken heart, seeing as she herself has one.
Human: I'm sorry I hurt you for the fifth time.
Randylin: I forgive you.

Human: Why do you want a guy who treated you like trash to be happy?
R.Lin: Because I love him.

Human: I don't understand how you can do that..
R.Lin: I don't give life the pleasure of beating me. I show the world I'm stronger than everything that makes me sad.
by xXRodneyLimeXx December 31, 2010

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