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Emo stands for 'emotional' and it shows that you're not afraid to hide your feelings. A lot of the reviews I've read are extremely negative about emos. I find this extremely annoying and prejudiced, I mean, how can they say that when they don't even know the person? The situation is generally "Oh, look its an emo, get her/him" and then you're in extreme pain even before youve had time to hitch up your trousers to run for it. Believe me, emos don't dress the way they dress for attention-they express how they hurt inside. (And the fringe is probably to hide the black eye from yet another beat-up)
Why, why, why do emos cause such an effect on people? What have they ever done to THEM? And just what is the point of hating ALL emos?
Emo bands are widely feared/hated too, and some newspapers even tried to turn parents against their own children, sying 'oh emo this and emos that' but emo doesnt really have anything to DO with self harm. Self harm is not a trend or a style-its a disorder. (listen to My Cheical Romance-Its not a fasion statement, its a deathwish)
emo innocently walking along the street
chav group spot emo
chav group creep up behind emo
emo blastin music through hedphones, not hear
"take that"
"ow get off me!"
"had enough?"
"ok good"
"lets go before we're seen"
emo left lying on the side of the road to return to conciousness
by xX-EMO-AND-PROUD-Xx October 31, 2006

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