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One of the most sickest boroughs out there. The Killa Queens got it all. Your pimps, jocks, sluts, whores, rich ass holes, crackheads, preps, emos, etc.

Sick ass borough.
Person 1: Yo, SoN! WhErE yOU fROm ??

Person 2: ThE KiLLa QuEEns mY NiqqA!
by xUnknowngrlx October 23, 2009
Asian Sex is determined as WACK sex! No matter how hot, sexy, curvy, or horny the girl is the guy is alway ugly! Usually the girls in Asian sex is so hot and horny people would be willing to give them a 48 hour orgasm (Is that even possbile?) Nahh don't think so. But the guy on the other hand is ugly, fat, drunk and gay. They go around telling people "I got a 18 inch dick!" People want to bag bang him while they fuck, because there ugly but people THINK they got a big dick. In the end asian sex is where the girl is beauitful and boy looks like a naked hobo.
Person 1: OMG! Did you hear that she fucked BOB?!

Person 2: Whoaaa! No way. Thats what I call Asian sex!
by xUnknowngrlx October 27, 2009

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