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A Sic-Hectic metal-core band, based in Boston, Massachusetts.
The new album 'Curses', will be released April 24 2007.

Guy1 : Ima go listen me some Vanna.
Guy2 : Fuck you Guy1, you arent hardcore enough to listen to that, go listen to your Runescape music ya tool!
by xUnderOATHx April 16, 2007
A small town approximately one (1) hour south of NSW's capital Sydney (AU). Although located between towns like Picton, Bowral and Campbelltown, Yanderra is quite an unknown place. It contains no shops and used to have its own train station. It has a primary school called Yanderra Primary (YPS) and has its own volunter. Yanderra is sometimes called Yanderro, referring to the word derro, by people that dont know any better.
Non-Yanderrian : Wow, id hate to live i that shithole Yanderro
Yanderrian : *silence*, thats where i live *sniff sniff*
Non-Yanderrian : Oh, I mean, YEAH! i wish i lived in Yanderra too *rolls eyes and walks away*
by xUnderOATHx April 27, 2007
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