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a book/movie series that everyone is overly obsessed with. the loves AND the haters.

lovers = constantly talking about whether they are team jacob or team edward. constantly talking about how they wish they could be vampires.

haters = constantly calling it "gay". constantly whining about how the vampires sparkle in the sun. constantly whining about it being cliched. constantly whining about how poorly writin it is. all without realising they've surpassed the shrieking fangirls in obsessing over it. BOO FREAKING HOO! JUST GET OVER IT! ITS JUST A BOOK AND MOVIE!

some ppl have even taken it apon themselves to buy the book then film themselves on youtube while burning the book. as if this is suppose to "rid the world of the horrible abomination". WTF?!
Twilight fan: "OMFG i wish edward was my bf!!
Me: he's just a figment of someone's imagination

Twilight hater: OMFG! twilight is so gay!
Me: how about spending your energy hating on something that matters?
by xSil January 01, 2010

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