1 definition by xShnuggie_Pandax

What the kids who can't get laid call themselves. Most of the time, Straight Edge kids are the ones who have social problems, but don't want to admit to it. Basically, they don't have sex because:

- They are socially lacking, and very VERY shy.

And they don't drink because:

- Following the lack of sex thing, they decide to try and hide their problems by saying 'I don't give in to tempt'.

The vast majority of these clowns act holier than thou, so if they see someone drinking or making out, they'll look away in disgust or shout 'ALKIE!' or 'GET A ROOM'. They also draw big X's on their hands just to show how much bottle they don't have.
Straight Edge

In a pub...

Guy 1: Pint of bitter please.
Guy 2: You fucking alcoholic *snub*
by xShnuggie_Pandax December 23, 2010

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