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an alternative title/pronoun which means anything you want it to mean, except for anything with a good connotation--it doesn't necessarily have to be bad, but it just can't be good; term for any object that you cannot think of the name for, come up with a term for, or describe; a term to describe whatever you want because it sounds better in place of anything's original name; derogatory term for any person who is unappealing in any way or degree to any of the senses of another person(s)
How long have you been stirring my chach? It's been reduced to nothing more than a viscous chach. For this, I'm gonna piss in my hand and punch you square in the gullet, you chach. And I'm gonna shovel-feed you my dog's chach pellets. "
by xSLAYDRIANx June 02, 2011

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