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BNOF is an acronym for "Blue Note Of Freedom", which refers to Guitar Hero 2, more specifically the song "Jordan" by Buckethead. The BNOF occurs right after the hardest part of the guitar solo in the song, and regarded by most as the hardest solo in the game. Reaching this note almost always indicates a pass of the song, which is an incredible feat.
"I failed right before the BNOF!"
"60% when I failed, I could see the BNOF!"
by xMrSprinklesx April 13, 2007
bad music. also equivalent to metal as demonstrated by the following equation:

Emo = Bad music
Metal = Bad music
Therefore, emo = metal, because they're both bad.
Gorthus: Man Bullet for my Valentine is sooooo good and Red Hot Chili Peppers suck!
Kevin: Stop dissin good music and saying emo music is good. Clown.
by xMrSprinklesx October 12, 2007

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