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A band (which I really like) that doesn't give a fuck about what others think. They only care about their fans, and their music, not about some ass wipes who have no life, so they go around saying " I h8 simple plan!1!!!shift!!1!nine!!11"
Ass Wipe: I h8 SP!!11!!1 they think there soooo punk
Me: When have they ever said they were punk? And if you don't like or care about Simple Plan why the hell are you talking about them. Get a life.
Ass Wipe: Shut up you poser!!!11!sfift!!1
Me: o.o Loser...
#simple plan=a #good #band (to me #and i don't give a flying fuck if others hate them #so fuck off and get a life.
by xKristinax September 24, 2005
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