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Coined by Trentanian Devl insulting x KYJellyFish x during a freindly game of Halo 3. Originally it didn't sound like and insult until KYJellyFish laughed his ass off at Trent and deemed it a worthy insult over XBL. Fruit Bag has become an alternate way of calling people: Fags, Retards, Homos, Garbage etc.
Shut the fuck up Fruit Bag!

OMG You're such a Fruit Bag!

Suck it Fruit Bag!

I Fruit Bagged Monkey
by xKYJellyFishx June 25, 2009
According to Russ it could mean chronic masturbater. Or Trent's mom Rhonda.
Why do you Keagel you sick fuck?

Man I had Keagle last night she was such a whore as always!
by xKYJellyFishx June 22, 2009

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