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A crappy virtual with crappy graphics. Not only that the apperance sucks, but a few other things as well. For instance, you have to pay up to $50.00 dollars to buy up to 300 habbo coins that aren't real to buy crappy furni(furniture)that isn't even real! Now the people, these people will call you a n00b if you aren't HC(Habbo club). Then the people are report happy, they'll report you for nothing and last they want an e-boyfriend/e-girlfriend because they can't get one in real life. Wanna know what else? Habbo Hotel is full of pedophiles, that's right pedophiles! Then they have these people who block the pool because they think the pool has AIDS! I mean come on, the pool isn't even real it's just pixels so how can anyone catch AIDS from the internet?! Last but not least, none of the people can type, they type like crap! Habbo Hotel is the most GAYEST thing on Earth!
Habbo-dork4243: Z0MG!!!11!!!!11! 1 sp3n7 $100 f0r 600 c01nZ! 1 r1ch!!!111!!!!111

Person with a life: You're a lifeless loser that goes to Habbo Hotel...

Habbo-dork4243: 0MG u n008!1!!1 u jus7 j34l0us cuz 1 HC! 1 r3p0r7 u!1!1!1!1!1!
by xKMROXx April 30, 2007

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