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A man's ability to see whether or not a woman be cray cray or not
Brian's craydar so shit he ended up dating a serial killer for three months
by xJoshAndStuffx May 23, 2014
Someone who is absolutely awful at comebacks, reputations, and retorts. Often times their replies are met with awkward stares and silence.
Bob: you have no chill

Bill: Yeah, well... YOUR MOM!

Bob: Are you retorted?
by xJoshAndStuffx October 19, 2014
Both stubborn and in denial. A condition to describe someone so unbelievably dense that there is just no way of communicating with them.
Josh: Did you hear Ellie thinks the world will end in 2012?
Dave:...but it's 2014...
Josh: yeah. She won't accept any ideas but her own.

Dave: don't worry about it, she's just in stubbornial
by xJoshAndStuffx July 05, 2014

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