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The word 'Fuck' originated in a phrase during a conflict between England and the French pre-napoleonic era. The British archers 'plucked' their crossbows, sending a hellfire of death towards the French soldiers. This struck fear into their hearts,and the British archers were feared in battle. When a band of these archers were captured, the French commander ordered that these men have their middle fingers amputated to assure that they would never be able to properly fire a crossbow again. The amputated comrades stumbled back to their armies, and the entirety of England caught wind of this blasphemy. The English rushed a French line and captured dozens of soldiers. It is said that once of the soldiers exclaimed "Pluck you" as a sign of defiance and hatred of the opposing army before killing the captured soldiers.

The middle finger thus is known as a sign of hatred. Moreover, "Pluck you" has evolved and changed with society and the times over the hundreds of years, eventually falling slang to "f**k you".
The English soldier uttered, "pluck you," starting a line of change throughout history for the phrase, eventually morphing into the common word 'fuck.'
by xHistorianx August 09, 2006

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