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Developer Conference(DEVCON), is an annual meeting of weekend warrior snowboarders, at various popular ski resorts around North America. DEVCON was created by members of the popular Burton Message Board (BMB). Most of the members of DEVCON average over 10,000 posts a year (See:"Losers").
Activities at DEVCON include(but are not limited to): talking about snowboarding, watching snowboard movies, wasting hours on snowboard message boards, drinking, having weak "mini shred" backyard snowboard sessions, tuning snowboards (that will see no more than four hours of usage in a week), taking terrible pictures, posting 400 DEVCON related topics on a message board (BMB) that no one cares about, and sucking at snowboarding (when they actually do it).

This annual meeting was started some time around the year 2000, and has unfortunately occurred every year since.
I saw a group of arrogant and self rightious snowboarders with no skill, ugly outfits, and claiming attitudes at the mountain the other day. I figured DEVCON must have been in town.
by xGODx April 27, 2007

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