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Evan is a young, beautiful and talented actress who somehow managed to get a large army of haters. This is most likely because of her relashionship with Marilyn Manson, and the fact that she was chosen over Ugly Von Teese in the Manson household.
Even though she is constantly critisized by the fans of Dita, it does not matter because everyone who has all their wits can clearly see that she is gorgeous, and incredibly gifted in both acting and singing.
Those Evan Rachel Wood haters are fuckin' retarded.
#evan #dita #talented #marilyn #boom
by xDroppin'Ax May 27, 2008
Kennedy, in this instance is a Potential on the wonderful show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She courted the wounded Willow, and helped save the world.
As much as I love Tara and Willow together, I'm glad Willow found Kennedy.
#kennedy #slayer #potential #buffy #willow
by xDroppin'Ax July 22, 2008
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