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a kid who listens to really good music wears wat ever he or she feels like is very intune with their emotions likes to write poetry. emo kids can be drugies or straight edge
people only talk trash about emo becauz either they dont fully undersand the genre or they see stupid ppl saying there emo cauz its a fad. emo kids do not always cry and arent all ways deppresed and do not cut them selfs 24/7.im and emo kid my self and i live a pritty nomal life the only reason im differant is becauz i dont like popularity im intune with my emotions and im artistic(though so are most ppl so that one doesnt count). i listen to underground and mainstream music as long as its good music. i listen to many forms of rock including emo, hardcore,punk,and metal. although some emo kids may be prity well off that doesnt mean they dont have feelings. u dont have to be poor and have abusive parents to be depressed i hope this has taught all u loosers out there that emo is not just a stupid fad run by preps.
an emo kid may have tight or normal pants or jeans,a tight shirt converse and a messanger bag or not w/e

good emo bands include the used my chemical romance alexisonfire underoath bright eyes get up kids saves the day death cab for cutie dead poetic from autum to ashes trice thursday

good hardcore bands with emo influences atreyu, avenged sevenfold eighteen visions converge comeback kid refused
by xDEJECTEDxTRAGEDYx November 22, 2005

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