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When a man is in the hospital and the nurse jerks him off after giving him his sponge bath.
Guy 1: "So I heard you were in the hospital. How was that?"
Guy 2: "It was horrible until my nurse came in to bathe me and she gave me a "bed bath and beyond". It was awesome!
#bed bath and beyond #bed bath #bed bath & beyond #bed bath 'n beyond #bed bath + beyond
by xCLAMM JAMMERx January 09, 2012
The ability to convert an in-depth thought into a tweet with 140 characters or less.
I wanted to express an idea to my followers but twitter only allows 140 characters. I had to use my Twitcabulary to condense it so that I can tweet it.
#twitter #140 characters #tweet #tweetcabulary #twittercabulary
by xClamm Jammerx October 31, 2012
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