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3 definitions by xBrooksiex

1) Used to describe the situation in which your laptop shuts down while you're doing something important, such as cyberflirtimh with that cute redhead girl that just moved in down the block, or typing an essay for english class.

Derived from a rarely used slang term, when something "craps on you", meaning that it gives out on you, or embarrasses/makes things worse for you.
"And that concludes the memoirs of my life. At my old age, I simply cannot type any more. So, good night ever-


"Dang. Lappy Crappy."
by xBrooksiex March 17, 2008
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A bad injury, generally received from doing something stupid. Teenage boys, for example, are very susceptible to be on the receiving end of a "serious jones."
"Dude, I was broomstick jousting with my girlfriend on the roof yesterday, and she knocked me off. *lifts shirt to reveal gash* Check out this serious jones!"

"Mom, Where'd you get that serious jones?"
"Ask your father."
by xBrooksiex May 17, 2008
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Slang term for a man's penis. The "tunnel" refers to a woman's vagina. Generally used to refer to someone's penis in mixed company.
Guy: Dude, I was with this girl last night, and she wanted my pe-

{mom walks by}

Guy: tunnel surfer so bad.

Mom: Must be a new toy.
by xBrooksiex March 16, 2008
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