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Describes when someone is able to make a pretty loud clapping sound with their balls as they sway their hips in a rapid back and forth motion.

This method is commonly practiced in all parts of the world among males in locker rooms. Usually the lights are off, but sometimes, depending on sexual preference, they are left on. The person with the most decent clap is then determined.
1. Jermaine: For a white boy, Randy has a pretty decent clap; but I don't think it's fair for me to compare mine to his because I'm black.

2. Rodney: After gym class today, we had a competition in the change room to see which guy had the most decent clap. Deshawn's clap was so ballin that Coach Jenkins thought a fight broke out. Man, that nigga can clap!

3. Keith: In the change room the other day, I actually thought Jamar was gonna Kite Runner Steve, but it turned out he was just giving him the opportunity to appreciate the decency of his clap.
by xA-MANx December 27, 2009
Commonly referred to as EYS among the A-Town undaground, Earn Your Stripes is a dirty crazy-ass HxC brutal as fuck band from Aurora, Ontario. They fuck shit up every show and venue walls have been broken by their legions of hatexmoshers. Some of the members are metal as fuck and others are just plain dustaz.

EYS is notorious for its hatexcrew, the EYS HATEXCREW, the toughest and only crew in Aurora. The crew consists of the band members and any of their friends who are closely affiliated with the band. The band can be seen roaming A-Town at night with their hats and kix. Usually, there are several members of the crew with them at all times. People usually know enough not to get in their way, but if another crew poses a fight, EYS HATEXCREW deals with it in their usual manner: becoming good friends with them and taking them out for breakfast!
1. Girlfriend: Hey babe, how was the show last night?

Scena Boi: Br00tal. One of the members of the EYS HATEXCREW spin kicked me in the face during the EYS set cuz i was wearing my Nevershoutnever! shirt.

2. Dusta A: Hey man, is that the EYS HATEXCREW in the park over there?

Dusta B: Shit man, yeah it is :O We best be gettin' outta here.

3. EYS HATEXCREW Member: Bro, there's a crew in town this weekend. They look pretty tough. What should we do?

Earn Your Stripes Member: Call Cora's and reserve a table for two.
by xA-MANx November 29, 2009

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