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Commonly refered to as ruff-looking bikers that ride Harley's occationaly or all the time. They come in various shapes and sizes but are most known for dressing in leather or some sort of biker outfit, and ride Harley Davidsons. These people were first shown as a new breed of "Fag" or "Faggot" because they want to be noticed but weren't and so they bought loud motorcycles but wanted to stay true to American culture. If you are thinking about buying a Harley Davidson in the future but aren't quite sure yet you are known as "Bike Curious". If you see one of these people the best thing to do is walk up to them and call them a "Fag" or "Faggot" then flip them off and then walk away.
David "Wow Tony is that your new Harley?" Tony "Yeah? Why? Ain't you seen one before?" David "Yeah but not up this close, now I know your secret!" Tony "Oh? And what might that be fucktard?" David "YOUR A FAG!"
by x2p428 November 10, 2009

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