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a playful way of calling someone and asshole when they really are, but you dont want to sound mean :]
Goddamnit Jeff you are such an ahole.

There are WAY TOO MANY aholes in this vicinity right now.
by x0jessicaaax April 01, 2007
a way of saying the word 'banister' that isnt as difficult.
It also makes a lot more sense becuase you are using it to 'balance' on the stairs :]
Jess maybe if you hold onto the balanster next time, you wont fall down the stairs again.

You broke the balanster when you slid down it on your fat ass.
by x0jessicaaax February 02, 2007
an awkward abbreviation for the words 'scared shitless.'
oh my god betty, i totally scitched you just now!

Ben why did you scitch Sarah and I?
by x0jessicaaax January 21, 2007

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