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when people who shop at store like aborcrombie, hollister, and american eagal, like to brag off their look. preps dont get it when people say "online convo" and their reply is o.m.g! like no way!!!
convorsation between two preps.
*stacy* "o.m.g tracy you are so fat! j.k j.k j.k you know i.l.y.
*tracy* " no way you like know that i.l.y more!
*stacy* "o.m.g you know who i saw yesterday at hollister?"
*tracy* " don tell me it was trev!! o.m.g i love him sooooooo much you are soo lucky!"
stacy* o.m.g youre like sooooooo smart how did you know?"
tracy "guess what we should go do?
stacy "what?"
tracy "we should go shopping!"
by x.x[Brynn]x.x March 27, 2007

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