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According to basically everyone, I am an emo kid, so I guess you could say I have "insight".

Not all emo kids hurt themselves. The ones that do sure as hell don't parade around showing the scars off.

Another thing about cutting: It's addicting, and it's hard to get over, so i would advise you all not to do it. Depression and suicide are serious problems, and the whole emo craze has made them a joke.

When did the whole "sweaters and too-small clothes" become emo? it makes no sense. Most of the emo kids are essentially hiding behind the black and strange clothing. We wear what we want. A lot of us are already outcasted, so why not wear whatever?

For most the emo kids i know, music is their life. It's mine,too. Non-poseurs don't listen to certain things just to be considered "emo". Emo is overrated and misunderstood, to be completely honest.

And My Chemical Romance is not emo. I'm sorry to all you haters out there, but they're not.
You're not emo kids just because you wear black.
You don't wear black just becuse you're depressed.

Wear what you want. Who cares?

"You should never feel the fucking need to hurt yourself, because this world is gonna hurt you fucking worse than you could hurt yourself." Gerard Way
by x.erica April 02, 2007

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