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a place in newcastle where people hang out u get all sterotypes hanging there well it used to be the hippy green but hippies left and emo's came in they stand do random shiz Chav/Charvers sometimes go there only to insult the emos n get pissed. alternative to standing at monumment or going to leezers park
*person1*wanna go to the green?
*person2* nooo too many scary emos n chavs i think we shud try the gate.........
by x-V-x March 12, 2009
an alias often used by really cool people born in 1995 can also be used for people born in 1994 by changing in to conversekid94 many people use this on blogger sites and social networking sites also the user must be obsessed wintconverse and possibly high school musical and zac efron and vanessa anne hudgens and red bull and other various thigs like starbucks
*Guy 1* hey who's that entering starbucks with the zac efron top playing say ok on her ipod and hsm hi tops(converse) with a red bull bag?
*Guy 2* o i seen her on the internet. she goes by CONVERSEKID95!!
*Guy 1* God she's sooo kool i wanna be just like her!!!!
by x-V-x August 10, 2008
its the oppisite too fetch. so that means it means nasty bitch not good bad so yer!! can also use tetchy!!
*kathy* hey don't you think bell is annoying
*annie*god kathy thats so tetchy
*Natasha* yer kathy why you have to be soo tetch!!
by x-V-x August 10, 2008
a word to describe something is amazing and cool was used for 1 moth then everyone used it lol so yer woop ti do!! xXx
*Jed* I just got a new osaka top!!
*Natasha* OMG how festive!!
by x-V-x August 10, 2008

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