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A short-lived band out of Sonoma, California. They made and performed experimental, psychedelic, and hard rock. They were classy as shit, and never before has there been a band anywhere near them in style, originality, or sheer awesomeness. The tragedy of the Coma Lilies is that as a band they released less than 90 minutes of music, before having a total band shakedown. The Coma Lilies became SH@, which is the single most dissapointing, most poser, most disgusting band ever.

Lines that describe the Coma Lilies: the very essence of all that is good and awesome, a universe of lust and perfection, classy as shit, the band God made to make up to the travesty that the Coma Lilies would become.
Lines that describe SH@: the very essence of all that is poser and shit, a universe of disgusting duck turds, pure anti-class, the band that God made to balance out the pure euphoria that the Coma Lilies would cause in their lifetime.

P.S. I am not promoting the Coma Lilies out of any commercial obligation. I am merely trying to spread the word about the musical rock personification of God.
The song 'Penis Envy' by the Coma Lilies, will be the best 8 and a half minutes of your life, every time you listen to it. Their music can be found on their Myspace page www(dot)myspace(dot)com/thecomalilies
When one procrastinates by going to the bathroom repeatedly, as opposed to actually doing what they're supposed to be doing. Can also be done during the work, to give someone a chance to have a mental break, and not actually have to work.

Not to be confused with the Boredom Crap, which someone takes in a desperate attempt to alleviate boredom, as opposed to their bladder and bowels.
I took so many procrastination craps while I was writing my essay, Jen was certain I had killed at least 20 dolphins with the wasted toilet water.
by www.myspace.com/bearimagines July 21, 2009

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