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wealthy, very well-to-do suburn in long island. while a part of it is relatively middle-class, the houses in king's point (a village in great neck) don't go for less than a million. to be sure, it isnt exactly a thing to brag about if ur house is 1 to 2 million dollars, since that isnt very special in great neck. 95% jewish; israel is popular vacation destination 4 great neck ppl as well as carribean/florida/skiing places like aspen or andirondacks

girls will spend 80 dollars on a top and juicy, lacoste, letigre, and abercrombie are the general favorites. very jewish and jappy town, go look up the definition of jap (Not the japanese jap). coach, prada, lesportsac and louis vuitton are the handbag favorites, girls enjoy saying, "like," and "totally" and hardly anyone goes 2 boarding schools cuz the great neck schools are in the top fifty public schools in the country.

the kids, for all their jappiness and spoiledness, are actually rather nice. they are fierce about education, nothing special 2 b A student, and like ten kids are intel semifinalists each year and more go 2 ivy leagues AND NOT BECUZ OF THEIR DAD'S MONEY, ok? they actually work. cornell loves great neck especially, 4 some reason. there was a great shock a couple years back when no one got into yale at one of the high schools, oh and yea, HOMETOWN OF SARAH HUGHES! (2002 figure skating olympic gold medalist)

very pretty town, with lots of mercedes/beemers/general SUVs running around, oh yea, and all the kids compete over who has the most lavish, expensive, b mitzvah, who has the best giveaway (usually personalized sweatshirts, sweatpants)

very little crime. a buglary will shock the public for weeks and weeks,

not an outrageously rich town like greenwich, but definitely pretty wealthy.
great neck is such a jappy place
by wutevs February 20, 2006

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