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2 definitions by wurdnurd

Like its predecessor, bureaucracy, webocracy means all of the forms, documentation and policies you need to wade through to get anything done. Webocracy is simply "lots of paperwork and wasted time", only online or via the Internet.
The patient tried to access her medical records via the new online system, but was confused and discouraged after wading through all of the webocracy.
by Wurdnurd November 15, 2013
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most likly past tense of a verb, outgribe (strictly verbally speaking, the only available example is awkward (as opposed to say 'the mome raths were outgribing'), but the poet selected this marked form for rhythmic purposes)
correcting ex. 2 above:
The kid behind me started outgribing. When he had outgriben to his snout's content...
by wurdnurd March 07, 2005
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