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Wannabe gang infested town. Even though the crime rate is high, a lot of people from this town are creative in the music scene. Not talking about the whack rappers that talk about drugs, hoes, cars, and money. But the people who actually have some common sense and try to do better for the town. Also, a bunch of wannabe gangsters are proud of our crime rate, which is pretty much known to be for...Jumping/Robbing innocent folk. But, if you are actually looking for a good time in Stockton...Don't bother, you won't fine one here. Also, people think it's fun to smoke dope, and lots of it. Also, a bunch of wannabe hyphy people infest the town. Which a lot of them don't get...This is the Valley, if you wanna be Hyphy go to the Bay.
Welcome to Stockton, sorry we can't help you right now. Somebody was just shot!
by wtfkeid August 12, 2009

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