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Tight Like a Vagina: meaning awesome, or tight.
Enrique: Dude how was that party last night?
Jonny: Brooo, New Years was fuckin tlv. I had so much fun.
by wraina January 02, 2011
The act or process of appearing to be shocked and overwhelmed at awards shows.
Kristen Wig and Will Farrell were swifting quite dramatically at the Golden Globes.
by wraina January 15, 2013
Any sort of liquid that is excreted from a mexican. Usually referring to seminal fluid.
guy1: Damn son that burrito was delicious
guy2: wasn't it? it had a special ingredient ;)))
guy1: like what! home made beans?
guy2: more like home made beansauce bro.
guy1: dude what the fuck thats disgusting.
guy2: biennnnn ;)
by wraina August 30, 2011
A pair of twins or triplets, that shared the same womb with eachother; causing them to be more than just your average roommates.
Teddy: Bro! My woomate! I'm missing those good ol' times in moms stomach!
Jake: Yeah duude those were tight! We were the best woomates, by farrrr man.
by wraina March 09, 2011
Two meanings:
1. A person's way of getting off the phone because they really don't want to talk to that person anymore.
2. Or they just want to go jack off.
Jacob: So anyways my dad was late..
Emily: Oh.. Cool story bro.
*awkward silence*
Emily: ....We should text.
by wraina February 21, 2011
laughing so hard your nose explodes and snot flies out.
X: And then the platypus shat itself
Y: Haha dude you just made my nose explode. So funny.
by wraina January 10, 2011
When three wenis's have sexual intercourse.
elbow1: aw shit bro. little bit harder
elbow2: *elbow grunt* best.. fucking.. worgy.. everrrrr
elbow3: fuck bro i think i just wizzed!
by wraina August 30, 2011

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