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(n.)1. a Divine cock block happens when you get cock blocked by one or a series of multiple supernatural events that could have never happened with out divine intervention.

2. god is mad at you and refuses to let you have sexual intercourse.
guy 1: yo that girl from the bar last night took me back to her place and we were hooking up and when we went to have sex i couldn't get it up.
guy 2: NO WAY! A divine cock block!
guy 1: Why GOD, WHY?!?!?
guy 1: man you wouldn't believe what happened last night!
guy 2: what happened?
guy 1: last night i was hooking up with Jess and when i got up to get a condom and transport plane's cargo door opened up while flying over my house and a cow crashed through my roof and crushed Jess!

guy 2: WOW! if that's not a divine cock block then i don't know what is!
by wowthathappenedatumd May 07, 2010
1) a level of intoxication following drunkenness but preceding sober/hungover.
2) 5 shots: buzzed

10 shots: drunk

12 shots: i gotta stop drinking

2 hours pass after last drink: REBUZZED

next morning: hungover
Jon: Hey man, did you drink that whole 30 rack?!?
Matt: yessir! I did.
Jon: WOW! you must be hammered!
Matt: nah i haven't had a beer in a couple hours, i'm just rebuzzed.
by wowthathappenedatumd April 25, 2010

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