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World of Warcraft. An online game played by far too many people. Not only does it engulf the player, and become their life, but it takes over the lives of those around them. The player will often forget to eat and drink and will rarely leave the house. They will feature less and less in their friends' lives as all they can do is talk about the game. Their life revolves around it and it soon becomes all they have as friends don't want to be around them anymore.
Friend: hey dude, haven't seen you in ages, wanna hang out on Monday?
Player: yeah sure, can I bring my laptop?
Friend: why?!
Player: got to be in wow for the raid, there's a chance of epix and i can't miss it.
Friend: right, no thanks. maybe i can see you another day.
by wow victim by default September 06, 2006

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