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a piece of a cigarette containing tobacco that is used to mix with ur weed for use in a joint
oi joe u got a chip?
by wouldnt u like 2 know October 18, 2003
An AWSOME series of books written by Stephen Cole. They r about a really hot guy named Tom and his GF Kate. They r werewolves and are wanted for murder. If your looking for explict books here is one.
Ok its cool, uh, awsome, sweet, explict, um....well its....just shut up and read it
by wouldnt u like 2 know July 05, 2005
someone wants in on some of the action too! but sorry, its only a foursome
by wouldnt u like 2 know April 28, 2003
stupid idiots who don't know how to have any fun what-so-ever and won't let kids do anything they want to
i hate teachers
by wouldnt u like 2 know November 26, 2003

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