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1. Shell oil, as read upside-down on a calculator. A decimal point must be added if you don't have a rip-off graphic calcuator.
2. Totally random number.
"Look guys!!! It says shell oil on my calculator!!!"
"That is so lame."
by wouldn't YOU like to know? November 24, 2003
A fine show that doesn't get nearly enough respect. One of the better-dubbed animes that has become a huge sucess, with (in my opinion) awesome and amazing dubbed background music by a composer who clearly knows what he's doing.
During fights, you will hear loud annyoing rock that might not make sense. During a more emotional scene, the music is quiet and sad, or very powerful and emotional itself.
by Wouldn't you like to know? July 01, 2004
really cool
that bling-bling is fo cheesy, yo
by Wouldn't you like to know? August 18, 2003
Former drug school, taken over and reformed in 1995 by the "Marjo Regime." Even though it is currently an active construction site, the campus still has many wonderful and interesting facilities such as our plywood walls, flooded bathrooms, inaccessible fourth floor, and the fantasic field (which has recently proved its worth as an excellent duck pond). Also quite possibly living in our field is our commonly overlooked politically incorrect mascot, the frog. Student population is representative of all types of children, filling a range of spoiled, Northwest D.C. rich kids to stereotypical rich, preppy, spoiled kids from Northwest D.C. The construction of Phase 2 of the renovation will bring better equipment and facilities to the arts and sciences departments. Hopefully these efforts will turn out better than the ones we have put towards athletics. Our literary arts magazine kicks ass, seemingly because we suck at everything else. And what's more, we're not Quaker.
Maret kid: I'm rich. Thug lyfe.
Other Maret kid:(popping up the collar of his polo) Word.
Sidwell kid: us quakazz gonn bust a cap up yo nigga azz...WHILE ABSTAINING FROM VIOLENCE! WHAT!
Potomac kid: I like fondue...
Potomac kid: yo.
by Wouldn't YOU like to know? March 30, 2005
Basically the greatest band in the world.
3 members Eric, Andrew, Evan
by Wouldn't you like to know? June 21, 2003
an adjective used to describe the level of frostyness of an object
The water is frosticular.
by wouldn't you like to know? October 02, 2003
A person who is attracted to males, females, and plants.
Isaac got poison ivy on his dick, we wonder if he is a trisexual.
by Wouldn't you like to know? April 06, 2005
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