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A fine show that doesn't get nearly enough respect. One of the better-dubbed animes that has become a huge sucess, with (in my opinion) awesome and amazing dubbed background music by a composer who clearly knows what he's doing.
During fights, you will hear loud annyoing rock that might not make sense. During a more emotional scene, the music is quiet and sad, or very powerful and emotional itself.
by Wouldn't you like to know? July 01, 2004
The crap that is the english DBZ gives the real DBZ a bad name.
Crappy voices, crappy music, and heavy editing make it teh suxors.
*Corny ass music plays*
Goku: "GEE GOLLY GOSH DARN IT! MAJIN BUU IS TOO POWERFUL!! GOSH! GOSH!"*goes lvl3 and punches Buu*
*Hardly any blood and deleted frames insue*
by Vic Shelick April 07, 2003
The reason why I stopped watching anything on Cartoon Network is because they repeat the show nine fucking times a day.
The American Dragonball Z was so badly translated and hacked-up that it spits on what a real anime is supposed to be.
by Vegeta April 08, 2003
An excuse of anime brought to you by Funimations where one person does the voice for all the characters.
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
The dumbest show ever and the lamest excuse for anime. Those American pigs mess up the entire show.
The Japanese vision of all anime is better than American translations.
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
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