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A made-up word recently approved by the far left to be used in the political arena.

Toure (TooRay) used the word on MSNBC to describe candidate Romney's angry, angry, racist attacks on his savior Obama.

The word has no definition. It is only used to promote hate and discontent among blacks.
You hear dat? Romney, he be niggerizationing us. Racist honkey.
by wotboa August 18, 2012
An ignorant person will use this phrase in a debate that they have already lost.
#1: "The earth is flat."
#2: "No, the earth is round."
#1: "Yeah, but..."
#2: "Yeah but, yeah but, yeah but but but. You sound like a fucking motor boat. Shut up."
by wotboa April 27, 2013
That's the name of the horse you ride when you you don't have a horse. You walk.
Q: How you gettin to town?
A: I'm takin Shane's mare.
by wotboa July 10, 2012
This term was started during the Vietnam conflict to describe a Vietcong tactic.
After killing a GI in combat, the Vietcong split a soldier's head with a machete, then insert a live hand grenade with the pin removed. Replacing the helmet hides the booby trap.
When medics come to recover the dead, moving the body will cause the helmet to fall off and release the grenade, killing or maiming anyone in the immediate area.
Zipperhead describes the mutilation that the Vietcong inflicted on fallen soldiers.
Fuckin Zipperheads got another one of our boys.
by Wotboa March 14, 2011

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