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Used to describe a man/woman who has a very attractive body which is let down by a face that looks like a mug shot.
This is a word play on two popular TV shows in the UK, Baywatch with muscled and tanned bodies and crimewatch a TV show highlighting criminal activity with many mug shots of scary looking offenders or wanted criminals.

See also BayCrime
She has a body like baywatch and a face like crimewatch.
by world March 22, 2005
Acting like a slut - can be attributed to men or women. Mostly used to describe online activity.
Matt spent the night slutting online sorting out his gaydar shags.
by world March 31, 2005
eating to excess. stuffing your face.
Iain sat there scoffing the whole packet of Jaffa Cakes.
by world March 31, 2005
one who hates on other people...
usually this person does not realize they are a hater but constantly hate.

trait - rolling of the eyes
Candiss holmes -
"You guys suck! Girls rules! I am NOT a hater!!"

"I love drinking the haterade"
by world June 15, 2006
Similar to flatmate or housemate but usually the one who makes sure the flat is clean and the bills are paid.
Did you remember to pay the phone bill?
Oh no but the flatwife will have done it.
by world April 04, 2005
A combination of the world wide web and internet. Often used when describing something to someone who is a few cans short of a six pack.
Often shortened to interweb.
You'll be able to get that much cheaper on the interwebnet
by world January 31, 2005
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