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(1) A pain in the ass.
(2) A real character.
(3) Someone who tends to be difficult, but still likeable.
(1) Boy that postal worker was rudely sarcastic - a real fucking pip.
(2) That guy over there is being overly friendly to everyone, asking them all sorts of questions, and just being too social in a weird way. Seems like a real pip.
(3) My wife was acting like a real pip last night, but of course, I still love her.
by Wordmaster B January 02, 2005
Synonymous with "Are you crazy, woman?".
(in response to his girl saying something stupid) - "Bitch, you be trippin'!".
by Wordmaster B January 02, 2005
Any man or woman who can't get enough cock.
That Katrina is one cock crazy bitch! I think she's trying to fuck everyone in the office!
by Wordmaster B January 02, 2005
The partner of a homosexual. Usually used to describe the sexual partner of an adolescent homosexual.
Dan sure hangs around Dave's house a lot. I suspect Dave is his boner buddy.
by Wordmaster B January 01, 2005
A tattooed scrotum. Tattoo artwork on a guy's balls.
When I took that stud home that I met at the gloryhole, I was pleasantly surprised that he had a hazelnut of a snake! Pretty fucking hot!
by Wordmaster B January 02, 2005
Synonymous with whacktacular.
That issue of Club was whacktastic - lots of good masturbation material in there.
by Wordmaster B January 02, 2005
Getting mad or super-energetic, or pretending to.
(1) After three months of neglect, I took a hyper and cleaned the entire apartment.

(2) When she insulted me, I took a hyper and whacked her in the ass with my pointing stick.
by Wordmaster B December 28, 2004
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