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-Any device with internet access and search capabilities

The term is commonly referenced when in need of information or settling a dispute.

PC, Mac, Laptop
'Is Lindsay Lohan in jail or not? Let's ask the truth machine!!'
by wordbunbun May 31, 2011
Adv. the position a rabbit freezes into when it hears a noise, almost identical to that of a Cadbury brand chocolate rabbit, including the large eye.
Look at those rabbits Cadburying under the tree! I almost didn't see them.
by wordbunbun May 30, 2011
adj., pronounced /fli-shis/

-Combination of the words FUCKING and DELICIOUS

-Combination of the initials of FINGER LICKING with part of the word DELICIOUS
Thanks for the chicken wings, Ma. They're FLICIOUS!
by wordbunbun June 10, 2011
Noun:The bath pouf with a stick attached; it is used to bathe

synonyms: Booty scrub, ass cleaner, douche, ass wipe
I went to the store and bought you a new butt squeegee. The old one is nasty!
by wordbunbun May 31, 2011

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