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Strum, Wisconsin is a tiny town south of Eau Claire, WI. There population is just over 1,000. Kids who live in Strum attend Eleva-Strum High school, a school which dominates many sports. Strum is a great place to live and usually people from Strum are funny and nice. Everyone knows everyone. Typical small town. Full of Norweigans.
Typical Strum, WI:
Man: Hey what time does the post office close?

Woman: I don't know, call the Hardware store and ask them to look across the street to see if the open sign is up.


Man: I forgot to tell my wife to pick up hotdog buns at the grocery store! *calls Robbes*

Cashier: Robbes, this is Joyce.

Man: Hi is Mary in the store?

Joyce: You betcha, she just walked in.

Man: Could you please tell her to grab a pack of hotdog buns.

Joyce: Sure thing. Say, how is your mother doing? Is she out of the hospital now?

Man: She's doing well, thank you.
by wordDmakErr November 30, 2011
A university in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The campus is the most ridiculously spread out campus, worse than UW-Madison. Most kids who attend UW-Eau Claire act like they attend Madison when really the education they get is of no better quality than their nearby rival, UW-Stout.
I thought about going to UW-Eau Claire but then I realized most of the kids there are pompous asses.
by wordDmakErr November 30, 2011

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