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1 definition by woopdydoodoo

Punahou School is an elite, pretentious, private, college preparatory school located in Honolulu. Punahou is one of the few schools in which it is required to be both rich and smart. The famous alumni list is longer than the limos in which their children come to school in. As soon as these kids get their driving permit, Mommy and Daddy pick them out a brand new Mercedes, BMW or Porsche to drive to school.

Some kids have body guards and the campus is always equipped with full time cops to watch out for their belongings.
"Do you want to go to Punahou?
Only if you want to sell your left nut Dad"

adj. A word to describe the rich, pretentious, and snobby
"Hahaha look they just got in for free because they dropped they're parents name. SO PUNAHOU."
"Is that girl a snobby, rich, Blair Waldorf type, who will end up at an Ivy College.
Yea, she's so Punahou"
by woopdydoodoo January 19, 2010
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