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(noun) one who has anal sex with the grandeur of that of a king, or to be more exact, an anal bullfigher.
Josh isn't no lightweight when it comes to anal sex-- hes a backdoor matadore!
by Wookiestick May 13, 2004
1) (noun) one who manages to sneak in a bout of anal sex, despite their partner's protests.

2) (noun) the act of exploring every crevice in the anus as possible, much like a ferret inside a hollowed tree.
Dan managed to be an anal ferret and squeeze in a few rounds of rampant ass ramming.
by Wookiestick January 23, 2004
A term for a sexually promiscuous and indiscriminate women, esp. in the areas of taking penises' hot wads in her mouth.
Don't worry about making a commitment to her, she's just the queen of cream.
by Wookiestick November 14, 2003
The act of tickling one's ear with an erect penis.
After cockslapping Paulina in the face, I gave her a wet richard and shot a wad in the eardrum.
by Wookiestick November 06, 2003
A raging, promiscuous lesbian.
Andrina is a cooze queen that is on a Atkins Diet with other women, Furburger style.
by Wookiestick December 05, 2003
A vagina with a labium (lips) that is a noticably darker skin tone than the person's pigmentation. The vagina has the appearance of being laced with tarantula legs.
"Wow, that stripper was totally gorgeous until she spread her legs and we saw her tarantula lips!"
by Wookiestick October 29, 2003
1) (noun) a colorful term for a women who takes it in the ass like a pro.

2) (noun) a fictatious porn star from the 1970s. Famous for rear end entry, she took a lotta dicks in the ass before tragedy struck and a penis gone haywire tore up her insides and allowed septic infection to spread throughout her body.
Take a look at dropchute Annie over there-- her ass is taking that dick in like a clown pulling a trick handkerchief out of his pocket!
by Wookiestick June 22, 2004

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