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Use of bright lights during the nighttime to harass; alternatively, use of bright light in the nighttime, to identify. Also used in surveillance to illuminate the interior of passing vehicles during the night. Also used as signaling to alert confederates in surveillance activity.
1. Flashing of lights at specific individuals, by a large number of other individuals. "We were out brighting that fool down the block."

2. Brilliant illumination, generally with spotlights, of the interior of passing cars. Usually used to discern individual drivers or occupants of very similar vehicles. "I couldn't see who that was driving that Escalade, so as we pass him I brighted him."

3. Brilliant illumination of the interior of passing cars to allow filming with video or other cameras. "I know he was wigging and I wanted the money shot, so I brighted him with the video light."

4. Headlights can be modified to be adjustable like an adjustable rear-view mirror. This allows headlights to be aimed at target vehicles and "jiggled" to make the target car "flash". "I juggled the headlights to bright him up for the boys to spot."

by wonkster March 15, 2009

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