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Electronic ebonics, or the practice of reducing normal, comprehensible sentences into a few choice letters and symbols. Punctuation is optional and often discouraged. This form of communication began with instant messenging systems but has spread to other forms of dialogue, making it far more annoying.
Guy 1: omfg im n luv wit dis gurl
Guy 2: Are you retarded? Gurl isn't even short for anything. You just spelled it wrong for the sake of being a dumbass. You need to ditch the e-bonics.
by wonder weasel April 13, 2006
Much like a family tree, with the exception that relationships are formed based on who individuals hooked up with instead of genetic lineage. Best evidenced in college settings, especially in fraternities and sororities.
"I can't believe I'm in the same tree of taste as Chris. It's like an evil version of 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon.'"
by Wonder Weasel August 23, 2006
A drinking call which must be heeded. When some yells this phrase, everyone within earshot of the visionary who initiated the call must finish their beverage of a delicious and alcoholic nature.
Sal yelled "hammer down" and we all finished our drinks. Unfortunately he was drinking straight whiskey, so later on he crapped on my rug and wiped his ass with my shorts.
by Wonder Weasel August 23, 2006
The act of mooning someone while also giving a glimpse of the testicles and/or penis.
He tried to just moon me, but I got a little eclipse action because his sack was peeking through.
by wonder weasel April 14, 2006

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