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When an individual finally grows up and regrets some lame,stupid, fucking bullshit they submitted to Urban Dictionary when they were an immature teenaged idiot and they request it be removed so as not to appear when their name is googled.
Dear editors;My name is John Q Public. I posted this lame definition when I was fucked up on drugs as a teenager.I am now an adult looking for a job and I don't want it to appear when my name is googled.I am now inflicted with Urban Dictionary regret.
by wolfbait51 March 28, 2011
Taco ejaculation is where you take the first bite of a soft taco and some of the contents are ejected out the other end.Particularly pertinent if only sour cream comes out.Different from the taco shit where a hard taco shell cracks and "dumps" it's delicious load in your lap.
My wife wiped the aftermath off her glasses from my taco ejaculation
by wolfbait51 April 27, 2011
The "bad-ass" attitude that often accompanies the mullet hair style.
That dude in the IROC Camaro has a bad mulletude
by wolfbait51 April 06, 2011
Obnoxious gnats that swarm around a male dog's dick during the warmer months. Entomologists theorize they are attracted to the salt contained in the piss crystals matted in the dog's dick fur.
You reckon the reason dogs lick their dicks is to get the dick gnats off their peter??
by wolfbait51 April 02, 2011
Describes the super slow-mo way the employess at the Dept. of Motor Vehicles move.They don't get in a hurry for anything except for breaks, lunch and quitting time.Obviously being paid by the hour. When you have to go to the DMV,go early and plan to stay all day.
There is SLOW,SUPER SLOW and then there's DMV SLOW.
by wolfbait51 April 01, 2011
The riduculous notion that one farts only in the bathroom.Like anyone is really going drop what they're doing and make a mad "emergency" dash for the nearest restroom where they drop their drawers,bend over,grab the towel bar,bust a fart,then blot the anus with toilet paper. An extra measure of politeness would be to turn on the exhaust fan,wash your hands and hit the Glade air freshener button.
Fart etiquette dictates that one leave the dinner tablet to fart.
by wolfbait51 March 30, 2011
Those annoying people who tie up the traffic flow at fast food drive-thru lines.Typically, they are a mommy van full of rowdy rug rats or an entire soccer team who pull up to the intercom without having decided what everybody wants.After holding up the line for 15 minutes,they again stall the flow at the pay window where they change and modify their orders.Then at the pick-up window they get their 5 bags of grub and only pull up half a car length where they begin dividing and distributing the bounty but still blocking traffic because nobody can get around them.
Shit! I can't get around those fucking drive thru squatters because they've stopped to do a french fry audit.
by wolfbait51 March 17, 2011
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