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1 definition by wolf1205

Doing something really really stupid. Like. Extremely stupid. Very little people do these kind of idiot things, and when people do them you just think, Wow. You have to be pretty stupid to do those kind of stunts.
Example 1
Person 1"Did you hear about Lauren?"

Person 2"No. Whats going on with Lauren?"

Person 1"When she was in the police station taking a drug test, she picked up a boy and they're going out right now."

Person 2" God dammit Lauren...."

Example 2
Person 1"Wheres Chloe?"

Person 2"In court."
Person 1"WHY?!"

Person 2"She was cought smoking crackin the CVS bathroom."
Person 1"Wow. Not really shocked. Thats the third time this month."
Person 2"Yea. She was pulling a Lauren."

Example 3
Person 1"Whats Lauren doing?"

Person 2"Humping a pig?"

Person 1"AGAIN!? Dammit. She's going to come into contact with some sorts of AIDS."
Person 2"Doesn't she already have AIDS?"
Person 1 "Oh yea thats right I forgot."
by wolf1205 October 06, 2012