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a blend of humilated and horrified
I was humilified when I found out I walked around with my zipper down all day.
by wm February 11, 2005
Screw follicle, let's say folicule and claim we are right!
I like how this octopus thingy stimulates my folicule
by wm March 05, 2005
a delightlful mix of the phrase, "during the day"
Hmm leftover pizza is good derdang
by wm February 11, 2005
a amazing spoonerism and conglamoration of the words trick and fool.
My sister tried to ficktrool me into sticking a key into an electrical socket.
by wm January 15, 2005
a delightful amalgamation of the adjectives, extravagant and expensive, resulting in an amusing and enjoyable new adverb. Apparently there is no other form of this word
I dont have a lot of money so we can't go to any place that is too ecsentually.
by wm December 27, 2004
A derrogatory term against asians. I guess can be racist. I myself am asian, so i think its really funny, but if you are against racism, don't call asians it. About equal with the term "chink"
"Hey, riceball!"
by WM February 14, 2004
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